Sweat as a TEAM. Train as a COMMUNITY. Succeed TOGETHER

TeamFHIIT is Functional High Intensity Interval Training re-imagined where WE blend teamwork + technology for a connected workout experience from start to finish.




Participants are divided into two teams
Participants earn points for working in their optimal heart rate zones
Goal: Compete earn the most points for your team by the sessions end!


Participants are unified as one whole team
Participants earn points for working in their optimal heart rate zones
Goal: Hit your teams overall point goal, as guided by your TeamFHIIT instructor, and earn the best collaborative score for the day!

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Team Heart Rate Based Training DECODED

At TeamFHIIT our 4 levels of training in each session to allow you to know how efficient WE are working but how WE want you attacking each stage of the workout!


0-59% of Max HR

Where WE set your intent and your goal or revel in what you just accomplished


60-74% of Max HR

Where WE conditioning your body for the challenge ahead and during session.


75-89% of Max HR

 WHERE we elevate and sustain your optimal sweat efficiency and metabolic burn


90-100% of Max HR

 WHERE we elevate and sustain your optimal sweat efficiency and metabolic burn

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What Our Clients Say

I've been a member less than a month, but I've been very impressed with the trainers and staff. It's a very nice facility and I'm already seeing results from my Zone 4 class.

Jim A.

I love this Gym!  Aside from all of the fun classes & activities, the overall environment invites like minded individuals that are simply trying to get a little more fit than yesterday. Some people think the gym is intimidating but they have a Zone 4 Class that ensures the individual is hitting each station and sure to kick your butt!

Annissia P.

Great gym. Comfortable environment. I love how energizing the whole place is! I am excited to get up in the morning to go to the gym! Staff and facilities are all great! I just started my trial run of the Zone 4 training which is honestly one of the best workouts I have ever had!

Hayley W.

Zone 4 is amazing and changes every day and the support that I get from Nicole is exceptional. She gets to know her clients on a personal level and it's not just a job, it's a passion for her and it shows. The little things that she does for us speak volumes as to how much she values us as customers!

Melissa J.

I highly recommend the Z4 program for anyone who loves the gym and would like a little extra motivation. It definitely keeps me coming back!

Britny D.

I've been going to Zone4 classes with Coach Tom since February, and I enjoy how all of the workouts are structured to give your body minimal rest periods and maximum exertion - it's a great workout mixing strength training and cardio, and I'm excited we now have a dedicated space for this small group training.

David O.